About Us

Silly Name. Serious Flavor

We like to call our "ice creeme" people friendly because our products are allergy free! We pride ourselves in creating flavors and treats that everyone can enjoy without compromising flavor.


Family means a lot to us here at Scoopt'd Treats - especially since we were founded due the love of a nephew from an uncle (Check out Our Story). As a young boy, some of my most memorable occasions happened over an ice cream cone. Our events are catered to families for those additional bonding moments filled with joy and laughter. 


A HBCU (Historically Black College and University) experience is one that cannot be adequately explained. You have to experience it for yourself. As a HBCU graduate, I have personally seen the lack of financial and really overall support from the state. Scoopt'd Treats provides scholarships to new and current HBCU students as well as donates to a random HBCU student government association.


Here in Atlanta, there has been an initiative to use graffiti and street art as tools to beautify and enhance the city's culture and presence. Currently, Atlanta has over 1000 murals! We use the beautiful art in our backgrounds and soon some custom "street art" in our packaging. Be on the lookout, you may find some of the artist holding a Scoopt'd ice creeme cone or rocking some of our merch.