Our Story

Scoopt'd: Dairy Free Treats, was created out of love for my nephew, Justus, after his 2014 summer camp experience. As his summer camp came to its end, the camp hosted its annual ice cream social. Justus was the only child unable to partake in the festivities. Justus has a severe allergy to dairy, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, fish, and shellfish, all of which hinder him from enjoying foods and drinks other kids can enjoy – especially ice cream. He was devastated and so was I. As his uncle, I want Justus to enjoy all life can offer, including the wonderful taste of ice cream. I wanted to do something to make my nephew feel included. After months of brainstorming and researching, I figured out how I can help my nephew feel a part of the festival next time. I knew I must perfect the product.

Two summers later after Justus summer camp finished up, I handed him a spoonful of ice cream and told him to taste it. He looked nervous and was hesitant to try it out of fear of having a reaction. I told him this was homemade especially for him. With an epee pin in my hand, I watch my nephew Justus take the first bite of the soy free, nut free, and dairy free "ice creeme". We looked at each other in waiting for an allergic reaction to happen but instead a huge smile formed on his face. He was immediately ready for more. That was the only REACTION, I wanted to see after he tried my DAIRY free, NUT free SOY free ice creeme.

I dedicate Scoopt'd: Dairy Free Treats, to Justus, the children, and adults with sever allergies, Vegetarians, vegans, and individuals who switched to a healthier lifestyle.